What is your purpose? What is a purpose?

This week we try to answer those questions.  We discuss how we build a lie with intention.  We recognize that purpose in life and our jobs are not the same thing.  It’s important to keep trying to find it because having a purpose leads to happiness and physical health and well being.  Frankly, it can just make life more fun.

As usual we don’t just talk about the what but also the how we find our purpose.  How we can discover what we really love?

Dive in with us as we explore our purpose and hope you find yours.


  1. Get out your glue sticks and scissors. It’s time to make a vision board! Alternatively you can make one on Pinterest if you’re not feeling like being sticky.
  2. Spend some time with the vision board you created. What themes do you see? Does it spark any ideas for you moving forward?
  3. Share your ideas with your accountability partner!
  4. Send us a picture on social media or share your Pinterest board link with us. Let us know what you’re passionate about.

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