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Episode 57

Bunmi Emenanjo Interview

You can find Bunmi on 

IG: @atlasbookclub

FB: Atlas Book Club

Website: www.atlasbookclub.com/workwithme

Episode 55

Christy Howitt Interview


Instagram: @christyhowitt

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Holiday Imagination Gift Guide – For Littles

Holiday Imagination Gift Guide – For Littles

1. National Geographic Weird But True: fun for all ages! Weird But True World 2023: Incredible facts, awesome photos, and weird wonders―for THIS YEAR and beyond! So many wild and wacky facts included in this book and it’s great fun for the whole family to read....

Holiday Self Care Gift Guide – For Men

Holiday Self Care Gift Guide – For Men

1. Polaroid: a classic with an update Polaroid Now I-Type Instant Camera - Black & White (9059)  Sometimes the classic gifts are the best. What is more fun than the instant gratification of a polaroid? A great option for someone who needs a little more joy in...

Episode 95: Anxiety and Embracing our Power

Episode 95: Anxiety and Embracing our Power

Anxiety. Let's talk about it. Embracing our power means peeling back the layers of stuff holding us back and facing our difficulties, fears, stressors, little and big A anxieties. Mental health is something we all can and should talk about, especially when it comes to...

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