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Season 6


Season 5

Ep. 52

Psychology Explains New Year Resolutions Hits and Misses 

The Psychology Behind Why We Can’t Keep New Year’s Resolutions

Behavioral Health: New Year Resolutions

Why we make New Year’s Resolutions

6 Ways to Make New Year’s Resolutions Stick

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Psychology of New Year’s Resolutions

How to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions According to Psychology 

Five Rules from Psychology to Help Keep your New Year’s Resolutions

Ep. 53

Faith – Definition, Meaning & Synonyms | Vocabulary.com

Can it be Rational to have Faith?

One of the World’s Most Powerful Scientists Believes in Miracles – Scientific American Blog Network

Can Faith Ever Be Rational? : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR

Faith and Reason | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Anne Lamott Is Staying Hopeful In Spite of It All

Anne Lamott | February 17, 2006 | Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly | PBS

Does Spirituality Make You Happy? | Time

5 Reasons Why Having Faith Is So Important – Wanderlust Worker

The Mental Health Benefits of Religion & Spirituality | NAMI

Ep. 54

Faith Still Shapes Morals and Values Even After People are Done with Religion 

The Sociological Approach to Religion

Religion and Faith 

Postmodern Religion and the Faith of Social Justice 

New Cultural Norms and the Christian Faith

How Religion Influences Behavior

Introduction to Sociology- Chapter 15 Religion 

Faith v. Expectation

Ep. 55

Christy Howitt Interview


Instagram: @christyhowitt

Ep. 56

Atheism is the Fastest Growing Religion in the US

7 Different Types of Non Believers

Atheism, Agnostic, Secular, Nones 

How Non Religious Worldviews Provide Solace in Times of Crisis

Why Faith is Important

Guide to Exploring Religious Faith

How to Keep Faith When Life Seems Impossible

Science of Spirituality

7 Ways to Incorporate a Consistent Spiritual Practice Into Your Life

Ep. 57

Bunmi Emenanjo Interview

You can find Bunmi on

IG: @atlasbookclub

FB: Atlas Book Club

Website: www.atlasbookclub.com/workwithme

Ep. 58

Making the Invisible Visible- 5 Ways to Build Trust with Communities

Building Trust- Developing Community

Build Trust with Your Community

Building Cohesive Teams- Vulnerability Based Trust

Vulnerability Based Trust- First Behavior Cohesive Team

How Showing Vulnerability Helps Build a Stronger Team

Building Trust Through Vulnerability 

The Essential Importance of Trust- How to Build it or Restore It

Showing Vulnerability to Your Community

Season 4

Ep. 37

Podcast: “Bleed & Succeed”

You Are a Goddess: Working with the Sacred Feminine to Awaken, Heal and  Transform by Bashford, Sophie

Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body by Kent, Tami Lynn

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

10 Ways to Honor your Inner Goddess 

Find your Inner Goddess

Ep. 39


Keeping your own identity

self identity – how you define yourself self development

Sense of Self: What It Is and How to Build It

‘I Don’t Know Who I Am’: Establishing Your Sense of Self

How Useful is Identity? — Jess Whittlestone

5 Reasons Why Your Career Is Not Your Identity

“Big 8 Identities” The “Big 8” comprises eight of the major identities that help us understand parts of who we are and

Why Identity Matters

How Not To Lose Your Cultural Identity While Living In A New Country

What Is Self-Concept and How Does It Form?

Students: realize importance of self-identity —

Understanding-your-problem Self Identity Problems

5 Dangers of an Identity Crisis


Ep. 40

7 Tips To Become The Person You Want To Be

What Kind Of Person Do You Want To Be?

6 Steps to Discover Your Core Values

6 Ways to Discover and Choose Your Core Values

Stop Asking Kids What They Want to Be When They Grow Up (Published 2019)

10 steps to figuring out what kind of person you want to be

How do Americans define success?

Ep. 41

5 Ways To Practice Self-Care Through Big Life Transitions

8 Tips to Help You Thrive During Life Transitions

Transitioning Survival Guide

The Psychology Of Dealing With Change: How to Become Resilient

How to Make the Most of Your Life Transitions


10 Ways to Make It Through Your Life’s Transitions

Ep. 42

How to Find Yourself 

3 Ways to Discover Your Purpose 

Tips for Finding Your Purpose in Life 

How to Find Your Purpose in Life 

How to Discover Your True Identity and Uphold Your Self Worth

Ep. 43

Becoming a Parent is the Identity Change We Go Through 

The Identity Transformation of Becoming a Mom 

One Mom Rediscovered Herself After Becoming a Mother 

15 Women Reveal the Ways to Have a Life Outside of Motherhood


Ep. 44

Why we define ourselves by our jobs 

When you lose your job and it’s your your whole identity

What happens when your career becomes your whole identity

How your job shapes your identity 

Just the Job Title

Career Job Work Identity

Why your identity should be more than your day job

You are not your work

How to Separate your self worth your work 

Separating Identity from your career path

Why Separating our self worth from our work can help our health and careers

How to separate self worth from work and jobs

How to Build your identity in and out of work

Ep. 45

Staying Compatible by Staying Yourself

Lost Yourself in a Relationship? 11 Steps to Find Yourself Again

How Relationships Define Us and Our Lives | by Jay Calangi

The Influence of Relationships

4 Ways Our Relationships Change Who We Are

9 Things You Can Do To Avoid Losing Your Identity While In A Relationship

Five Ways To Ensure You Maintain Your Identity In A Relationship

How To Set Boundaries With Friends For A Thriving Friendship

9 Boundaries You Should Have In Your Friendships, According To Experts

How to set boundaries with friends, family, or at work

How to Be Yourself in a Relationship

7 Tips To Find Yourself When You’re Feeling Lost

Ep. 46

Family Identity Traditions and Gratitude 

The One Thanksgiving Tradition Our Family Keeps

What Thanksgiving Reveals about American Culture 

The Psychological Benefits to Hearing Family Stories- Thanksgiving 

Thanksgiving Family Traditions 

Building Relationships During the Thanksgiving Holiday 

How to Fight with your Family at Thanksgiving 

On Thanksgiving Food as Identity 

How to Enjoy Thanksgiving Family Holidays during a Pandemic 

Ep. 47

How Storytelling Impacts our Identities – U of G News

Here’s What Happens in Your Brain When You Lose Yourself in a Good Story

A Slow-Books Manifesto

The Simulated Self – Fiction Reading and Narrative Identity – Philosophia


Exploring Cultural Identity Through Literature • Page 6 of 6 • Worlds of Words

‘Losing yourself’ in a fictional character can affect your real life

Exploring Identity in Literature and Life Stories: The Elusive Self

The role of fictional narratives in adolescent identity formation : a theoretical exploration

Here’s What Happens in Your Brain When You Lose Yourself in a Good Story

Shapes of our Identity: The Power of Literature

Ep. 48

Exploring Identity in the United States 

When Labels Limit How Rigid Identities Harm Mental Health 

Labels and Identities 

What is Labeling Theory? 

The Labeling Dilemma 

The Power of Labels Stigma 

3 Reasons Labels Limit Our Potential 

How to Get Rid of Labels


5 Dangers of labels and stereotypes 

Who are you without the labels you’ve been given by society 

We are Humans- Words we need to stop using to describe people 

Exploring Identity in the United States 

Ep. 49

What Does Your Corporate Brand Stand For?

What is corporate identity? Answers from three leading brands

Build your organizational identity

The Power of Companies to Influence Social Norms

Brands Need To Embrace Social Change: Here’s Why

Social-Impact Branding Isn’t Going Anywhere This Year–And Neither Are

Ep. 50

Identity Based Habits 

Connecting Habits to Identity 

You Need to Know about this Unheard of Technique for Starting New Habits 

How to Build Identity Based Habits 

Forget Motivation: If you Want to Build Habits that Stick Begin by First Changing your Identity 

Creating Habits that Stick 

Switch from Outcome Based Habits to Identity Based Habits 

How Habits Reveal Your Personality

Why Traditions Matter

Why Traditions are Worth Keeping

Ep. 51

The Importance of Sister Circles ‹

Women Need A Sisterhood: Finding More Success By Supporting Each Other

Why Women Supporting Women Is So Important for Our Future

The Importance of Friendships Among Women 

Why Women’s Friendships Are So Complicated

The Health Benefits of Female Friendships and Girlfriends

5 reasons why female friendships are important for women’s health

Women Circles: What They are Why You Need One and How to Host 

The Health Benefits of Strong Relationships

Connecting Through Circles: A Playbook for Cultivating Well-Being Between Wharton Women Alumni


Why Female Friendships Are So Important (And How To Make Them)

7 Reasons Women Should Make Friends and Keep Them

Season 3

Ep. 25

Developing Empathy

Empathy Definition | What Is Empathy

EMPATHY | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

Empathy: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How You Can Improve

There Are Actually 3 Types of Empathy. Here’s How They Differ–and How You Can Develop Them All

Why Being Empathetic At Work Really Matters

Understanding others’ feelings: what is empathy and why do we need it?.

What Is Empathy? (verywellmind.com)

How to increase empathy and unite society

“The War for Kindness: Building Empathy in a Fractured World” by Jamil Zaki (Crown, 2019)

Ep. 26

Empathy v. Sympathy

Empathy: What it is, Why it matters, and how you can improve 

Empathy v. Sympanth: What’s the difference?

Brene Brown: Empathy v. Sympathy

Sympathy v. Empathy

Empathy v. Sympathy

What is Empathy and Why is it Important?

The Importance of Empathy in the Workplace

How to Cultivate Empathy

Why the World Needs an Empathy Evolution

Ep. 27

The difference between being nice & being kind

Being Nice vs. Being Kind – Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

How To Be Kind Rather Than Nice

Being Nice vs Kind – What’s The Difference? (8 Experts Explain)

Being Nice vs. Kind: Why the Distinction Really Matters For All of Us.

Deep Kindness: A Revolutionary Guide for the Way We Think, Talk, and Act in Kindness

The Difference Between Being Nice and Being Kind | HuffPost Canada Life

Ep. 28

The US has an Empathy Deficit

The Empathy Gap

Support Struggling: How you can help others

6 Tips for Helping Others through Emotional Struggles

What do I do?  How to support someone who is struggling

How comforting others helps you tackle your own struggles

How to stay strong helping someone else

How comforting others help you with your own struggles

How power dynamics affect development?

Power dynamics play a key role in problems and innovation

Dynamics of power, inclusion and exclusion

Why Power Dynamics is the most important social discipline

How Power Dynamics shape our behavior

Ep. 29

11 Reasons Why Trust in a Relationship Is More Important Than Love

Trust in a Relationship: Why It’s Important—and How to Build It Trust in a relationship

Importance of Trust in a Relationship

The Essential Importance Of Trust: How To Build It Or Restore It Trust can be earned

Relationships 10 Ways To Build Trust in a Relationship

Everything Starts with Trust (HBR)

3 Ways Leaders Can Build Vulnerability-Based Trust

Why Vulnerability-Based Trust Is Essential for Team Building


Ep. 30

4 Ways to Practice Acceptance Every Day

How to Practice Acceptance

Radical Acceptance


The Power of Acceptance- How to Practice It

5 Things Everyone SHould Know about Acceptance 

Acceptance: It Isn’t What you Think

The Secret of Mastering Acceptance 

Radical Acceptance

What is Radical Acceptance?

Ep. 31

Are You a Highly Sensitive Person? Here’s How to Tell

The Highly Sensitive Person

What Is a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)?

Highly Sensitive Person

Finding strength in sensitivity – Counseling Today

13 Signs That You’re an Empath

Empaths: Is being an empath a superpower or a super-stressor?

Bronwyn Shiffer: How To Survive And Thrive As A Highly Sensitive Person

When Nature Has to Conform to Culture: Highly Sensitive People in a Nonsensitive Culture

Time to Find Out: Are You Highly Sensitive?

Why Highly Sensitive People Make The Best Leaders, According To A Psychologist

25 Habits of Highly Sensitive People

The Good and Bad of Sensitivity

5 Reasons Being A Sensitive Person Doesn’t Make You Weak

Why do we equate “sensitive” with “weak”?

11 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Highly Sensitive People

Being ‘Emotional’ Isn’t A Weakness | by Michelle Brown | Self, Inspired.

‘Women are judged for being emotional’ — yet it’s more acceptable for men to get upset and angry, female executives say

Ep. 32

Characteristics of Resilience 

What Makes Us Resilient 


Characteristics of a Resilient Person

The Secret Formula of Resilience 

Resilience Skills 

What Makes People Resilient

Wellness and Resilience

You are Your Best Thing

Rising Strong- Brene Brown

Brene Brown on Resilience

Brene Brown on What Resilient People Have in Common

Shame Resilience Theory

Build Resilience Children

Guide for Parents and Teachers: Resilience

Building Resilience in Kids


Ep. 33

Forbes Six Ways To Discover Your Life Purpose

3 Unexpected Ways to Find Your Life Purpose

How Impact, Meaning, And Purpose Are Different (And Why You Should Care)

7 Tips for Finding Your Purpose in Life – Verywell Mind

How to Find Your Purpose in Life (berkeley.edu)

Five Steps to Finding Your Life Purpose

11 Examples Of Life Purpose Statements That You Could Adopt

15 Ways To Find Your Purpose Of Life and Realize Your Meaning

Why Do You Need a Purpose in Life?

Your ‘Why’ Matters: The 10 Benefits of Knowing Your Purpose in Life

Having a Purpose In Life May Lessen The Risk Of Early Death : Shots – Health News

Why Knowing Your Life’s Purpose is Important

Ep. 34

Signs in the Universe 

How to Interpret Signs from the Universe 

Signs from the Universe

How to Recognize Signs from the Universe

17 Ways the Universe Communicates with You

15 Ways the Universe Sends Messages to you

Signs from the Universe that You’re on the Right Path

Synchronicity: Signs from the Universe

Synchronicities: Sure Sign You’re on the Right Path

Ep. 35

The Experience of Being Emotionally Moved

Kama Muta Lab – research on being moved and touched

Goosebumps, tears and tenderness: what it means to be moved

Scientific study reveals who experiences ‘miracles’

One of the World’s Most Powerful Scientists Believes in Miracles

Is it unreasonable to believe in miracles?

Do You Believe In Miracles? Most Americans Do

Turning Points in Life Can Create a Mess or a Miracle, You Choose

Highly Successful People Share the Turning Points That Changed Their Life Trajectory

Life’s Turning Points: The Mystery of the Self Within Your Self

The 7 Turning Points That Created The Life I Love Today

Stumbling on happiness

Ep. 36

Brene Brown on Rumbling with Forgiveness 

3 Key Principles for Forgiveness

The Basics of Forgiveness

Eight Keys to Forgiveness

In depth look of Forgiveness 

Forgiveness: A Definition

Season 2

Ep. 11

Nine Morning Habits to Start the Day Right

9 Small Morning Habits That Will Make Your Whole Day So Much Better


10 Morning Habits Successful People Swear By

4 Morning Habits For A Highly Productive Work Day

Up and at ‘Em! 25 Good Morning Habits For a Great Day


The 5 Productive Morning Routines Of Highly Effective People

The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life

Ep. 12

12 Benefits of Meditation

7 Ways Meditation Can Actually Change the Brain

Should you Meditate?


Benefits of Meditation

Grounding: The Science

What is Centering?  What is Grounding?

Grounding Techniques

1 Minute Grounding Meditation

Ep. 13

How Gratitude Changes You and Your Brain 

The Science of Gratitude 

The Neuroscience of Gratitude 

Giving thanks can make you happier

Ep. 14

Daring Greatly, Brené Brown

Guess the Feeling | Daniel Tiger

Daring to be Vulnerable with Brené Brown

Why Feeling Our Feelings Makes Us Stronger

3 Reasons to Let Yourself Feel Your Emotions

How to Feel Your Feelings and What That Will Do for Your Life

‘Feel Your Feelings’ And Other Confusing Phrases – Northstar Counseling Center

Feeling Your Emotions in the Body — Ten Percent Happier

Feelings Inventory

To Heal Trauma, Work with the Body

Mapping Emotions On The Body: Love Makes Us Warm All Over

Ep. 15

The power of women’s anger | Soraya Chemaly, TedX

Soraya Chemaly on “Rage Becomes Her: The Power of Women’s Anger”

Why Women Don’t Get to Be Angry, Soraya Chemaly

25 Famous Women on Anger, The Cut

Rebecca Traister, Good And Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women’s Anger

Soraya Chemaly, RAGE BECOMES HER: The Power of Women’s Anger

The Power and Shame of Women’s Anger, Psychology Today

I Used to Insist I Didn’t Get Angry. Not Anymore. (Published 2018)

Can an Angry Woman Get Ahead?: Status Conferral, Gender, and Expression of Emotion in the Workplace

Workplace Anger Costs Women Irrespective of Race

Ep 16

Why is it Important to have Personal Boundaries 

10 Ways to Build and Preserve Better Boundaries

Set Boundaries

Building a Better Life with Boundaries

Good Boundaries Free You

How to Set Boundaries with Family and Stick to Them

How to Set Boundaries

Ep. 17

12 Responses to Brené Brown on True Belonging

Diversity Isn’t Enough: Cultivating a Sense of Belonging at Work

Sense of Belonging

What Is a Sense of Belonging? Fact checked by Sean Blackburn

How Belonging Fosters Meaning-Filled Relationships (Part 2 of 2)

Create a Sense of Belonging

The Value of Belonging at Work

Is a sense of belonging important?

Emotional Intelligence, Belongingness, and Mental Health in College Students

The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are, Brene Brown


What Is Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging?

Why Perks No Longer Cut It for Workers

Employees Share What Gives Them a Sense of Belonging at Work

Ep. 19

Three ways to overcome fear of failure at work

How to overcome your fear of failure

How to move beyond the fear of failure

Failing Forward

How to Conquer Fear of Failure

Ep. 20

Important Tips How to Let Go and Free Yourself

40 Ways to Let Go and Feel Less Pain

10 Ways to Let Go of Someone You Love

How to Let Go

To Anyone Who Struggles with Letting Go

How to Let Things Go

Success is in Surrender: Four Ways to Let the Universe Help You

9 Tips to Release Control and Trust the Universe

Ep. 21

Truly authentic- authenticity – what does it mean?

Fake It Until You Make It? Not So Fast

Why the Secrets You Keep Are Hurting You

7 Core Qualities of Authentic People

Develop Authenticity: 20 Ways to Be a More Authentic Person

Becoming More Authentic: Accept Yourself and Forget Approval

3 Essential Steps To Becoming More Authentic In Life And Work

Help Teens Find Authentic Satisfaction

Brene Brown Advice – How to Be Yourself

5 Powerful Lessons About Authenticity Everyone Needs to Hear

How Much Vulnerability at Work Is Too Much? Brené Brown Just Explained in 6 Words

Ep. 22 & 23

An 8-Step Guide To Tapping Into Your Spiritual Side Today

8 Ways to Really Connect With Each Other

15 Lessons the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Taught Us

Editorial: What a year of solitude has taught us

3 lessons about what really matters in life, learned in the pandemic |

Epidemiologist 1918 flu pandemic- Roaring 20s post Covid 

Connecting with People

The Importance of Mind, Body, and Soul

How Modern Life Became Disconnected from Nature

Ep. 24

10 ways to live a courageous life

How to live a more courageous life

Developing Courage Improve Lives

Making Space for Feelings

4 Ways to Give Difficult Feelings Space They Deserve

Smarter Living: Talking out Problems

Season 1

Ep. 1

How women are getting squeezed in the pandemic from the NYTimes

The Coronavirus is a disaster for feminism from The Atlantic

How Covid-19 is changing women’s lives by the BBC

Unlocking Us with Brene Brown

Work in Progress with Sophia Bush

On Being with Krista Tippett

Ep. 2

Bleed & Succeed

You Are a Goddess: Working with the Sacred Feminine to Awaken, Heal and Transform by Sophie Bashford

Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body by Tami Lynn Kent

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Honor Your Inner Goddess Through Energy, Rituals, & More

Quiz: Find Your Inner Goddess

Ep. 3

Harvard Business Review How to Reset Your Goals During A Crisis

Hello Giggles: How to Set Goals During the Pandemic

Positive Psychology Goal Setting

Tony Robbins: How Can I Create a Compelling Future

The Five Elements of the Five Second Rule

Ep. 4

Discipline v. Motivation

Why Motivation is Crap & Discipline is Your Only Chance at Success

Which is Better?  Discipline or Motivation

16 Best Podcasts on Motivation to Help You Reach Your Goals

Resetting Discipline and Motivation

Motivation, Habit, Routine

Ep. 5

The Dangers of Comparing Yourself to Others and How to be an Influence for Good

Propel Women

Brene Brown: Shame vs Guilt

The Scientific Underpinnings and Impacts of Shame

Unlocking Us with Brene Brown

Brene Brown’s Ted Talk: Listening to Shame

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown

Ep. 6

Five Strategies to Breakthrough

Conquering Terror Barriers: How to Deal with Challenges in Business and Life

How to Break Through the Terror Barrier

The Terror Barrier

Elon Musk’s Unexpected Secrete for Pushing through Fear

Dealing with Fear

Should you feel the fear and do it anyway?

Ep. 7

Words Can Change Your Brain, Psych Central

Why This Word Is So Dangerous to Say or Hear, Psychology Today

Learned Optimism, Martin Seligman

10 Ways to Remove Negative Thoughts from Your Mind

How to Retrain Your Brain, Chopra

Ethan Kross: “It’s Much Easier to Advise Other People on Their Problems Than It Is to Advise Ourselves.”, Gretchin Rubin Blog

Alt. Podcast Reference

Happier, Gretchen Rubin

Ep. 8

Feeling Angry or Guilty? Maybe it’s Time to Stop “Shoulding!”

How “Should” Statements Contribute to Panic and Anxiety

The Tyranny of Musts and Shoulds

The Scientific Underpinnings and Impacts of Shames

Ep. 9

Adaptability: Your Most Essential Workplace Skill, InHerSight

Adaptability, Flexibility And Resilience

4 WAYS TO BOOST YOUR ADAPTABILITY SKILLS, Drexel University, Goodwin College of Professional Studies

14 Signs of an Adaptable Person, Forbes

The One Trait You May Not Realize Will Make You Happier, Catherine Pearson, HuffPost

Goodwin University, Seven Qualities of Adaptable People

7 Skills for the Future, Season 1 Episode 2 Adaptability

Ep. 10

How to Make Friends as an Adult 

How to Make New Friends when you’re Busy with Adulthood 

How to Make Friends as an Adult

Qualities of Good Friends 

The Qualities of Real Friends

11 Qualities That Make a Good Friend According to Experts


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