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Build the Kind of Business  that Serves Your Innate Purpose, Brings Light & Builds Others Up

Go Boldly Initiative is prepared to meet you and your organization where you need us most, in the space between corporate culture and individual human needs. We understand the economic needs of businesses and the very real need of people to express their humanity in the workplace. 

Our consulting services are individually tailored to suit the needs of each of our clients; we walk organizations through the excitement and challenges of new beginnings and transitions, and work with departments and organizations on incorporating mindfulness into their corporate mission and vision.

If you are looking for our individual coaching services check out our Individual Services page. 

Your Organizational Support System

3 or 6 month individualized weekly consulting program. We will get you set up to work with Tovah or Rielly and guide your organization through our mindful management strategy. 

Mindful Management Training

Business organization consultation (limited to 8 people). This program is ideal for individual departments or small organizations. We create an individualized session intended to set the stage for your organization’s success. 

Bold Partnership Intensive

Two hour guided work session for business partners. This session is ideal for startups or small businesses making a change. We will walk you through your transition process and help you navigate the difficulties inherent in change. 

How we can help you

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You.

We provide a multi faceted approach to helping women design their limitless life. Taking a bold and brave path and being your authentic, whole hearted self takes courage and vulnerability. We are here to walk with you through the journey.

Figuring Out Your Next Steps Can Be Hard, but You Don’t Have to do it Alone

It can be overwhelming to figure out where to begin when you are starting an organization or when you want to make changes in your company, no matter how big or small. Having objective and non-judgmental individuals to talk to, strategize with, and who will help you sort through the ins and outs of starting and transitioning your organization can make all the difference. 

Create a Purpose Driven and Mindful Workplace 

We are committed to our ideal of Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You. whether in our personal or professional lives. In building a business you can be intentional about setting your own goals in alignment with your purpose, values, and ethics, while also having a great time. Reach out today!  

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Our Course on Designing the Limitless Life You Deserve

When you are ready to do a deep dive into unlocking your unique life purpose and unlimiting the life you are living we have the perfect course to help. We go step by step to plant the seeds for your future life. 

A supportive community of likeminded women

10 weeks of guided materials to walk you through the process

Private group and safe space to ask questions and share ideas

Get Mindful!

Ready to take the next step for your organization? Reach out to us today to get started. Create an organization that serves your greater purpose, functions with intentionality, and gives people the space and power to function at their best.