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Rise into Sisterhood

Join us united in fellowship, community, and light as we begin our year connected by common purpose and shared hope. Let us seek to look beyond the resolutions of the past and build a foundation of sisterhood that will shape the year ahead and beyond.

Limitless Life Sisterhood

designing a life that speaks to your purpose

The way you move through your daily life; from how you start your day, to the words you use, to the relationships you choose to prioritize set the stage for the life you are living. Make today the day you choose to prioritize you.

Planting the Seeds for your Limitless Life

The Limitless Life Sisterhood is a loving and supportive place where we come together to build community around the premise that you, as you are, are deserving of the life you choose for yourself. Whatever that vision becomes. Over the ten weeks we are together we plant the seeds and feed the ideas in you that give you the space to design a life that sings to your unique soul.

Over the ten weeks we spend together in community, we provide everything you need to walk through the process feeling confident, excited, supported, maybe just a little bit uncomfortable and scared (that’s where the best things happen!), and most of all surrounded by other women who are on the journey along with you.

Are you ready to invest in your future?

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Invest in yourself and your Limitless Life today!


We are a safe and inclusive community. All of our members are in this together! We are meant to lift each other in love and light. Our groups meet weekly and members are encouraged to talk and engage regularly. 


It is always easier to stick to your goals when you have other people cheering you on, supporting you, and holding you accountable. We are here to guide and cheer!



Over the span of ten weeks we will create habits and routines that you will take with you for a lifetime. Out of these you will gain access to your inner sense of self in a new and noticeable way. You are setting the stage for a limitless future. 

Limitless Life is the course we needed

When we decided to launch this course we set out with the intention of writing a course that speaks to the journey we each have been on as individuals and as partners. This course is the handbook that would have cut out some real heartache for us along the way! Here’s a glimpse into a bit of our stories to see what we mean:

Vulnerability and Impatience 

Rielly struggled to share herself. She was, however, an exceptional student, despite not trying particularly hard. This was problematic in a lot of ways, because it allowed her to hide. At least until law school, where to be truthful, she was middle of the pack in the grades department. One reason of course, was that in her first semester in law school she knew without a doubt that she made a mistake. Law was not a good choice. She didn’t like the classes. She struggled to find her people.

Because Rielly hadn’t learned to be okay with imperfection, admitting mistakes, and letting go she persisted and finished law school. Those lessons came later on so don’t worry, you can hear all about the breakdowns, and failures by listening to our podcast or even better, joining the course! Fast forward about five years and she was a pretty successful lawyer in corporate and real estate finance on Wall Street in NYC. She forgot to mention that she graduated from University with a degree in Psychology and also spent most of her other time studying art, art history, and photo journalism. So…there’s a real leap here from where her intentions were to where she wound up. I’m guessing you can imagine what happens at this point friends. 

Rielly had a full blown cognitive dissonance crack where she simply could not take it any more. She went to work unhappy, spent all day unhappy, and went home unhappy. She would sing “this is not my beautiful house…” on loop and wonder what exactly happened to her life. This is the course she should have taken at that very moment. Instead she took a giant leap and jumped off all the expected pathways and blew up her life with no plan, security system, or direction in mind. What she needed most though was a map and a sisterhood to help her understand her purpose, to shine a light in the dark and dusty corners, to open her up to the possibilities all around her. 

Imperfection and Failure  

Tovah followed all the rules.  Her life was one straight line doing exactly what was expected of her time after time with no notice or regard for her inner voice.  Every once in a while things would line up where her authentic self, who let’s be honest she didn’t really know, and her life actually connected. Those moments were magic, but they were also fleeting.  She craved more.

Also a Psychology major and a lawyer, in many ways Tovah and Rielly share a similar story, or at least similar education and training. Clearly similar interests! In so many other ways though, she has travelled her own unique path. At some point Tovah’s fear of failure, of living, of not being perfect, became the main driver of her decision making. It stayed like that for a long time. Her life was a lot of professional unhappiness punctuated by moments of joy. A lot of showing up as expected.

Life off the beaten path continued to call to her even as she stayed on the straight and narrow. There were glimpses of possibility in between the daily routine of everyday living. Those moments of magic kept calling her to look for something more, knowing it must be out there. 

Thanks to a good friend she took a chance and started to dabble in the world of personal development. Reading books, listening to podcasts, slowly but surely learning about that something more. What would her life have been like if she was willing to jump off the conveyor belt, put down life’s to do lists, and learn how to really live as her authentic self? If only this course had been there to say “that little voice that you hear telling you things aren’t right” is really your voice and your true self.  Listen to it.  Learn from it. Live a life where those moments of magic aren’t momentary. Let them be lasting. Let your intuition rise up and guide you to where you really belong. 

Join us to learn from some of the heartaches, hard lessons, mistakes, and missteps we undertook in our journeys as we embark on designing your Limitless Life! Our sisterhood circle is meant to lift us all up, teach us about who and what we are meant to be, and show us that no matter who we are or where we are in life, we deserve happiness and joy. We are always worthy. 

What is included?

When you join the Limitless Life Sisterhood you are signing up for 10 weeks of transformative inner journey work. 

No matter where you are right now. If life is pretty good or you are in a really tough spot, this course will provide you with the stepping stones and tools to get started down the path to a happier and more fulfilled life. When you take the time to clear out the noise and distractions, then you can dive in and really listen to what is pulling at your heart, what is calling you home. 

Each week we dive into one of our podcast episodes, take it apart, and put it back together. You are not left to figure it out alone! This is an interactive and engaged process. If you are willing to put in the work, energy, and whole hearted effort we know you will gain perspective, a deeper understanding of who you are and what you are meant to be doing, and you will have a lot of fun too! Here are the tools we will be working with:

Limitless Lifebook

We present you with a beautifully designed Limitless Lifebook to help guide you through the entire process and provide you with a place to work through your thoughts and emotions relevant to each module. You will receive a link to access your book as soon as you join the course!

Exclusive Private Group

You will gain access to an exclusive, private FB group just for your Limitless Life Sisterhood. This is where you can ask questions, go through weekly modules together, meet your fellow sisters, and share thoughts on what you experience! We will also post weekly guides here for you and share info.

Accountability Partners

One of the best ways to ensure success is through a buddy system! We will make sure you don’t feel alone in this process. Each Limitless Life member will be partnered to help support, uplift, and encourage you in your own journey to designing the life you want and deserve.

Live Group Calls

Once a week we will host live video calls where we will walk through the module with you. We will answer your questions, talk through our personal journeys, and provide additional resources to help you continue your process. We all will have an opportunity to share, connect, and build community.

What is holding you back?

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Invest in yourself and your Limitless Life today!

Uncover Your Truth 

Do You Feel Like There Is More To Life?

If you are like us, and you have that feeling inside you like there is more out there for you than the daily grind, then send us a message. Better yet, send yourself a message. Invest in uncovering your truth today. There is never going to be a more perfect time, a more appropriate moment, a more comfortable day to start. We can’t wait to meet you and learn all about who you are and even more exciting where you are going!

“That inner voice has both gentleness and clarity. So to get to authenticity, you really keep going down to the bone, to the honesty, and the inevitability of something.”

– Meredith Monk