Go Boldly Initiative

Be bold. Be Brave. Be You.


Limitless Mission:

Through transformational life coaching, we empower women to live life unencumbered. Our priority is to equip women and organizations with the skills and confidence they need to navigate boundaries and discard unhelpful expectations. We create weekly podcasts, courses, coaching opportunities, group sessions, and other programming, along with a robust community of women.

Why we go boldly:

No one gave us an accurate map. We took the paths that society laid out for us, but they weren’t enough. We wanted more. We failed, we succeeded, rinsed, and repeated. Then we realized that navigating the lifequakes of womanhood shouldn’t be a journey of isolation—it should be a journey we take together, so we launched the Go Boldly Initiative. 

We Go Boldly because we owe it to ourselves to take ownership of the paths we deserve. We Go Boldly because we know we can help other women learn how to listen to their inner voices, define their lives on their own terms, and live with intention. 

We are truth tellers. Our stories will make you laugh, cry, and everything in between, but most importantly, they will make you think, and together we will crack open the most difficult issues facing women today, so we can overcome them together.

We know our paths aren’t meant to be the same. We are here to give you the tools you need to craft a map that leads you to the destination you truly desire. And you get to choose what works for you, whether that’s listening to our podcast, taking a workshop, participating in individual coaching, and beyond.  

Now is the time to take control of your narrative and reimagine what is possible in your life. There will be challenges, there will be triumphs, and there will be you living a limitless life. Learn more about Tovah and Rielly in our About Us section. 

How we started:

Tovah and Rielly came together over a love of self-improvement, the desire to design their own future, and a passion for mindset attunement. Rielly and Tovah value collaboration and compassion, social justice and kindness, self awareness and hard work, laughter and honesty, hard conversations and good wine.

They talk almost every day, and over time have built not just a business but a deep partnership. That partnership is meant to serve and to shine a light out into the world that leads their coaching clients to a bolder and freer life.

Through all the twists and turns, zoom calls, and interrupting kids Tovah and Rielly bring you the We Go Boldly Podcast and the Go Boldly Initiative. They encourage you to join them in deepening your purpose and building a bold society of limitless women.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is our limitless mission?
We empower women to live life unencumbered through individualized life coaching. Our priority is to equip women and organizations with the skills and confidence they need to navigate boundaries and discard unhelpful expectations. We create weekly podcasts, courses, coaching opportunities, group sessions, and other programming, along with a robust community of women.
Why adopt a bold mindset?
We want to coach women to live their lives out loud being their most authentic selves. This means that women choose their lives rather than falling into them. They stand up for their hopes and dreams and boldly go after them.  
Why did we launch the Go Boldly Initiative?
We launched the Go Boldly Initiative to create a community, to hold and elevate space that is ideal for people to thrive and grow into their most authentic selves. The Go Boldly Initiative works with women, associations, organizations, and corporate departments to provide consulting services addressing personal goals, expectations, cultural limitations, and life transitions. We speak to women where they are today and help them navigate their future with grace and compassion. 

Go Boldly Initiative is consistently working to change the narrative and remap the conversation around women in society today. The transitions and changes inherent to womanhood and life in general are often overwhelming. We look to take some of the stigma, isolation and difficulty away from those times; and at the same time amplify the excitement, celebration, and joy that can be found in change. 

What kinds of coaching packages do you offer, and how much do they cost?
We offer a variety of options to suit individuals and organizations depending on your needs. We have everything from one day goal setting brainstorming sessions to more in depth purpose and mindset arrangements. Please stop by our Individual Coaching or Organizational Coaching pages to review options. For pricing please send us a message at hello@goboldlyinitiative.com.
What is our vision?
We envision a bold society of limitless women.   

At Go Boldly Initiative we believe that life is meant to be lived out loud and in bold. We believe that challenging conversations are necessary components for change, and that change is long overdue. We know that in these pockets of discussion, we locate avenues for connectivity and elevation of ideas wherein progress can be made. We believe that the changemakers of today and tomorrow are women. 

What is a limitless life?
A limitless life is one where a woman is her most authentic self and is able to live boldly.
What do Tovah and Rielly bring to the Go Boldly Initiative?
As many ways as Tovah and Rielly are the same they are different.  This is why they work so well together and why they are able to bring so much to the Go Boldly Initiative. They each succeed and struggle in different ways allowing them to be truly empathetic and empowering to all who they work with. 

Rielly Karsh is a strategic thinker, coalition builder, and master communicator whose life has taken turns worthy of a memoir. Rielly brings a professional corporate background and focus with a spiritual balance.  Rielly has integrated meditation into entire life.  Her spiritual journey has been long.  Rielly is able to bring her legal background and entrepreneurial spirit as a coach.  She continues to want to grow all while lifting up other women and empowering them to take charge of their own lives. 

Tovah Kopan, a self proclaimed rule follower, has spent the last few years of her life learning to listen to her inner voice, and occasionally break the rules.  She is relatively new to the world of meditation and crystals but she is all in on finding reasons to why the world is why it is beyond what we can see.  Tovah has continued to look for ways to help others and bring people together in everything she does, which is why she is so excited to do this work.

To dive deeper into the minds and hearts of Rielly and Tovah head on over to the About Us page and take a scroll.

How do I contact you to ask a question that’s not here, or to learn more about your coaching services?
You can contact us a number of ways. Email us at hello@goldboldlyinitiative.com, message us on Facebook, or fill out our contact form.
“The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt