How is your heart? This week on We Go Boldly we examine the intricacies of family in all its iterations and permutations and how they play a role in our journies. We dig into what family means and how it relates to our season long discussion. Family is not only the people you are born to, or who raises you, or a spouse and children. Chosen or found family can also have a profound impact on our well being. Understanding your familial and chosen family relationships will help us protect and uplift our hearts.

We talk all about seeking joy in the life you choose, the people you surround yourself with and the family you are willing to have. Part of healthy families must include setting boundaries. Sometimes that requires letting go of the people that are not good for you in your life. Other times it requires you to put in some work to create healthy relationships. We are allowed to seek out and build a family that feels safe, and loving.

It is important to acknowledge the role that found family plays in communities of color, and the LGBTQ+ community. A big part of creating a healthy family, is to understand the difference between a toxic person and a difficult person. Toxic or unsafe people can be dangerous to us and it is essential to know when and how to get away. Difficult people in our lives may be related to us, or within our chosen family groups. We can learn how to manage those relationships and even improve them over time. 

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