1. National Geographic Weird But True: fun for all ages!

Weird But True World 2023: Incredible facts, awesome photos, and weird wonders―for THIS YEAR and beyond!

So many wild and wacky facts included in this book and it’s great fun for the whole family to read. Learning while laughing is one of the best ways to enjoy quality family time and this book delivers on both. 

2. & 3. Plush Campfire Kids Playset and Walkie Talkies for Kids: imagination at its finest

Plush Campfire Kids Playset 

Selieve Toys for 3-12 Year Old Boys Girls, Walkie Talkies for Kids

When it’s too cold to take your kids outside for a campfire try out this plush version under a blanket fort. This adorable set will brighten any kiddos playspace and create so much fun and whimsy!

A screen that is not a screen?! A fun way for kids to play, communicate, and engage in active time without the screens. Great for siblings and fun loving adults. Bring some adventure, imaginative play, and joy into indoor and outdoor play time. 

4. Wonderbly Personalized Books: adventure and joy

Wonderbly Personalized Books

Personalize a book for the little in your life, let them be the hero of their own story, reach their dreams, and feed the beauty of their imaginations. Each book is a beautiful story, full of incredibly beautiful and engaging illustrations, ready for your whole family to enjoy.

5. LEGO® Medium Creative Brick Box: A classic for a reason.

LEGO Medium Brick Box

Lego is always a good idea for the kids (and adults) in our lives. A great way to stimulate imagination, cooperative and solo play, fine motor skills and a million other positive things. 

6. & 7. Talking Microscope & Gears! Gears! Gears! Space Explorers Building Set: STEAM fun

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr Talking Microscope

Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Space Explorers Building Set

Taking a closer look at the world around us is fascinating, especially for the little ones. This first microscope kit is a great start to learning about how the world works, what is on the inside of everything, and how to use scientific equipment. A learning toy that is also engaging and fun!

Spark the engineering and creativity bug in kids with this playset. Both space and engineering are the main focus here. Kids can learn all about planets and science by building and utilizing this engaging toy.

8. & 9. TeeTurtle & Kids Against Maturity Card Game: cuteness and fun!

TeeTurtle | The Original Reversible Octopus Plushie

Kids Against Maturity Card Game

Cuteness overload. The TikTok sensation and generally delightful stuffie is back for more cuddles and flippable fun. Great for the littles (and probably bigs) in your life to snuggle with, toss around, and find comfort in whenever needed. 

For some whole family fun and to take a step back from the screen time. It is good to let the silly out and spend time bonding over laughs with the kids. This game is a great way to do that!

10. Kiwi Crate Subscription: the gift of monthly adventure

Kiwi Crate

One of the best subscriptions available for kids. A different adventure each month of the subscription to expand your child’s horizons. So many different options, combinations, and ways to entertain, educate, and excite the kids in your life with these subscription boxes. 

    What would you add to the list for the littles out there? How did you expand your imagination as a child? Let us know!