We Go Boldly into trust and vulnerability in episode five of our season on building collective empathy. Walk through the importance of trust in personal, professional, and collective relationships with us as we outline the foundational nature of trust in a happy and healthy life. We talk through the importance of defining what trust means, how it is built, maintained, and lost. 

We refer back to finding your inner voice from episode 2 of season 1 and getting to a deeper understanding of your “self”. Trust begins with you learning to trust yourself and the Universe. Trusting other people is something that grows out of that deeper understanding of the self. 

In order to really trust, we have to also allow ourselves to become vulnerable. We must wade into the far reaches of risk and open ourselves to the vulnerability that comes from letting other people inside. When that relationship becomes reciprocal, trust is built and can be maintained. 

Cultivating trust comes from open communicating and listening, clear boundaries, and clarity of commitment. In other words, honesty, openness, and transparency. When relationships, whether with the self, other people, or the Universe at large are formed and built on trust it enables all participants to feel safe, to grow and expand, and helps us fully self express.

Trust in the workplace is equally important. It flows from quality leadership and a culture that empowers rather than focuses only on the wants or needs of the leader. In order to get stronger as a leader or organization, focus on being consistent in your authenticity, logic, and empathy.

Out of all of the trust building and relationship development, we can extrapolate out to working on collective trust. Building up the larger community through more empathy, more trust, and stronger relationships. 


  1. Journal! Consider the following journal prompt: When do you trust yourself the most? The least?
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