cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength”

As each week starts we are normally faced with meetings and calendars to fill, appointments to make and lists to check off.  Many of us survive this every week and some of us even thrive.  What we often really need to make it through the week is rest. 

Yes, we could list reason after reason as to why rest is so important.  We need rest so we can keep going and so we can be more productive.  Let’s be honest though, we really need rest for rest’s sake. We need rest so our bodies and minds can stop moving.  We need rest so we are able to grow.  

And before you say that you can get rest after you do something  let me cut you off right now. We don’t earn rest by hard work.  We don’t earn rest by what we accomplish.  We don’t earn rest by how hard we work or how much we do every day.  We don’t earn rest at all.  We deserve rest because we need rest.  By merely existing we are worthy of rest.  

Sometimes it comes in five minute pockets.  Sometimes it comes in weeks.  Sometimes it comes in the form of a favorite book or a mug of hot chocolate. Sometimes rest comes in putting your feet in the grass and taking deep breaths. 

The point is that we all need rest.  We need to work on incorporating it throughout our days and weeks and months.  This week GBI is on vacation.  (We don’t really need to discuss how family vacations may not count as rest.) We are leaving the calendars and meetings behind.  

How do you incorporate rest in your day?