My worth exists independent of all else.

For years I tied my worth to my performance. The problem with that of course is that nothing I ever did was enough to make me feel worthy. No A+, 100%, extra credit, soccer goal, graduation ceremony, number on a scale, name plate on an office, number in a bank account, or likes on a post was sufficient to fill me with long term feelings of self worth.

When we tie our sense of self, our value, our worth, to things outside of us then we are left constantly striving for outside approval in order to feel whole. I know so many people who struggle with this. We get so wrapped up in our jobs that it becomes our entire identity. Our children become our personality.

Seeking applause is the only way we feel worthwhile. Over time, therapy, coaching, and loads of self reflection I came to understand that my self-worth is not meant to be based on anything more than my existence.

No measure of performance needed. No goal to attain. That doesn’t mean I fail to take pride in what I do, achieve, and accomplish. It simply means I know my worth is not contingent. Neither is yours.

I am worthy purely as I am, as I breathe, as I live.