We’ve talked before about the impetus behind our company. Where the idea came from and how we began with the idea of a podcast about moms, and expanded into a business for people seeking to live a life that is expansive, attuned, and on their own terms. When we set out to create the We Go Boldly podcast we thought we would spend our time talking about the pandemic and how disproportionately it was impacting people.

If you follow the show (and of course we think you should!) then you have heard a bit of this conversation before. We spent a lot of time thinking and working through the whys and mission of the podcast, and came to the conclusion that before we could even assess the damage of the pandemic we really needed to get to the heart of ourselves. Our inner core. 

What was going on inside of our personal lives, our spirits, our career aspirations, our families? Could we even hear or know anymore with all of the outside noise bearing down on us? Why had we personally made the decisions we made and where were we going next? Are we happy where we are? What about other people?

All of these questions hung in the air for us. And to be honest, both of us have spent a tremendous amount of time putting in the work to better understand ourselves and what our purpose is here – in this moment. That work came with hurt, with healing, with acceptance and effort, and with a lot of help. And we are still in it, as most people are. Growth, if we are lucky, is a lifelong proposition.

As we continued to contemplate what the We Go Boldly Podcast would look like we came to realize that there was so much more to it than simply talking about all the struggles and triumphs. We needed to walk the walk. We needed to bring forward all the things we learned and absorbed over the years, the ways in which our lives have been impacted and changed from our learning and growth. 

And so we opened our hearts and minds and the company expanded to the Go Boldly Initiative. As we build this company, with integrity and honesty, we are reminded of our own journeys and of all the people who helped us along the way. All the therapists, coaches, friends, family, strangers, and neighbors. The community that makes up the whole. The connection that we don’t always recognize in the world, especially when everything feels bleak and dark. 

We want to encompass all of that love that we received, even the sometimes hard to receive love, and turn it back out into the world. We are convinced, now more than ever, that people need to connect. To feel heard and understood. To be listened to. To have a voice in their head that is kind, and uplifting. To have a filter for all the noise of the world until they remember how to filter their own noise again. 

We are building a coaching practice that is a little bit spiritual, a little bit spreadsheet, and a whole lot of love and light. All the things that we needed along the way. We are building a coaching practice that provides a pathway, a helping hand, and a whole lot of cheering for your success. 

Our mission is to create a bold society of limitless women. A society of women walking their own paths with boldness, confidence, and joy. A way forward for us as a society that makes space for the individual while respecting and caring for the community. We are here when you’re ready. Join us!