Our February Word of the Month: Grow

To develop; to cultivate; to thrive.

This month we chose the word “grow.”  

What does that mean to us?  

As a company it very specifically means that we want to grow our podcast to be in more ears and more hearts.  We are excited to expand our social media reach to LinkedIn (stay tuned!).

While I can’t speak for Rielly, I know that this month I’m going to try to grow my patience with myself.  My personal word for myself is love.  I want to show myself as much love as possible and a big way I can do that is showing myself patience.  The last few years have been hard for everyone and I feel the strain of the school year wearing us down.  It’s going to be a long few months and I know the only way we will make it is if I stay patient with my kids.  The only way I can stay patient with them is if I am first patient with myself.  If I don’t carry guilt, shame, judgment.  It’s hard.  

So while sometimes growth means to stretch and push ourselves, oftentimes true personal growth means becoming more self aware about what we really need.  

What is your word of the month?