I love the definition of the word bloom.  Beauty and freshness.  High development and achievement. It feels amazing to know you’re blooming.  You’ve had that happen, right?  You just know at that moment you are succeeding and shining.  Like a flower.  

What I also love about the concept of a flower blooming is that they don’t bloom all the time.  In fact they have times of the year that they are dormant.  For a long, long time.  I think sometimes we expect that we should be blooming all the time.  Flowers don’t even bloom all the time. Why do we think we should be?  

We need to remind ourselves that we do not need to bloom every day, or even every month.  It is all a cycle and sometimes we are dormant.  Sometimes we are simply putting in the work.  The work is important.  The dormant part, the part that no one sees is what allows you to bloom. 

It’s the day after Mother’s Day and whether you had a wonderful day or a hard one, if you’re a woman you are back to “normal” life and you’re back to putting in the work that no one sees.  Just remember that life is a cycle and even the most spectacular flowers lay dormant for months.