Let me be honest.  We plan our months out in advance so I knew that the week of trust was coming and I could not think what to write.  At all.  I had no thoughts relating to trust.  My mind was blank.  In hindsight this is probably because I was struggling to trust myself. 

Then this morning Rielly and I had our weekly kick off call.  We start each Monday, bright and early, with a call where we plan our week, set our goals, review the calendar, etc.  It’s actually one of my favorite calls of the week.  Today was a little different.  We both admitted to feeling off and struggling with our morning routine.  It might sound like a little thing but we have both spent time cherishing our routines and to feel disconnected is a big deal. To both of us. We knew we were missing something and we weren’t trusting ourselves to listen to what we needed. 

Trust can be an amazing thing and it can help strengthen ourselves, but only if we trust ourselves.  Rielly and I were not trusting ourselves.  As we talked it out we realized that we were trapped in a perfectionist cycle.  We can’t do our morning routine unless we do it perfectly and if we can’t do it perfectly we can’t do it at all.  We struggled trusting ourselves but we trusted each other to figure out how to approach our difficulties.  In fact, we did a little coaching of each other.  We decided to go back to basics and approach our morning routine from a place of imperfection and peace.  We aren’t just here to hold you accountable, we can hold each other accountable. We knew we needed to trust each other and ourselves. 

Have you ever noticed that sometimes what we need to do is trust ourselves and try to listen even when we feel we can’t?  That’s the time that we need to trust the most.  We often know what we need more than anyone else, it can just be hard to believe.  

We can’t strengthen ourselves without trusting ourselves. When that is hard, talk it out with an accountability partner or find a coach that can help you reconnect and trust yourself.  We are here to help you, just like we helped each other. 

Stay tuned this week to see how our morning routine is going.  You can help hold us accountable.