To live up to or fulfill the terms of. To regard or treat with admiration and respect. To give special recognition to. To confer honor on. 

When I think about honor I don’t usually think about myself. Do you? 

The word honor makes me think about keeping promises, remembering important people, memorials and titles. Putting words to this intention has been a deep struggle this week, which tells me how important it must be for my own growth. 

When I think about wanting to incorporate honor into my day, my life, my routines, I keep coming back to the idea of honoring my own integrity and values. Honoring my needs. Honoring where I am right now as valuable and worthwhile, even if I want to be somewhere else or to be doing something else. 

Honor this week is about understanding the value of now. Respecting and lifting up who I am right now. Keeping promises, to myself as much as to other people. 

Beyond the need to acknowledge the nowness of life, honor is about understanding our worth and innate value as human beings and living each day with that understanding at the forefront. There are so many times where the easy path is to put ourselves down, to judge and criticize, to use harsh words and hurtful eyes, because that is what we have been conditioned to do. Breaking down that behavior, reaching beyond it and overcoming the urge to settle for less than we deserve, that is living with honor. 

How can you honor yourself and your needs as they are today, without judgment or harshness? What are you doing today to honor yourself?

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