This season on We Go Boldly we are leaning into our power and learning how to embrace it.  Last week we chatted about boundaries because setting boundaries is essential to stepping into our own power.  This week we can learn from the amazing Amy Nelson.  

Amy Nelson is the founder and Co-CEO of The Riveter, a start up providing coworking, content and community for working women. A graduate of Emory University and the NYU School of Law, Amy practiced corporate litigation with a focus on high-profile First Amendment matters for over a decade in New York City and Seattle. She also served on President Obama’s National Finance Committee where she co-chaired Gen44, the under 40 fundraising arm of the campaign. Additionally, Amy previously worked with President Carter’s The Carter Center. Amy is the mother of four daughters aged six and under. She is a contributor for Inc. and the host of iHeartRadio’s What’s Her Story with Sam and Amy.  In addition to raising $30 million in venture capital to grow The Riveter, Amy has been published broadly including in/on outlets including The TODAY Show, Refinery29, Buzzfeed, The Washington Post and The Seattle Times. She has spoken across the world on many stages, including Fortune’s Most Powerful Women, Cannes Lions, and SXSW. If that doesn’t make your head spin, Amy is also a mother of four young children. 

Join us for this amazing conversation with Amy! You can listen here or watch us on YouTube here

For more about all of Amy’s incredible life and work at the Riveter you can find her at all the places @amk_k_nelson and @theriveterco. You can check out her podcast @Whatsherstorypodcast.