All season long we are continuing our conversation around busyness and self-worth. We’ve covered a lot of ground already though I suspect we could spend an entire year talking about this subject. Today we are thrilled to continue our interview series advocate Alyson McNair.

Alyson was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She started her career at the age of 14 as an Office Assistant for East New York Betterment, a nonprofit that assisted the elderly. It was there where she learned how nonprofits are pivotal to helping change communities. 

After years of government work and in the private industry Alyson realized even more about the hardships of people gaining employment after incarceration and decided to start a nonprofit to address the issue. She began conceptualizing and planning for Perfect, Inc., a nonprofit organization that provides job training, job placement and lifestyle coaching for women who have been incarcerated. Alyson is passionate about creating a world where women who have been incarcerated can receive the proper support needed to become contributing citizens to society. She is an advocate for their dreams and visions to be and have all they were destined to have.

Alyson is also a wife and mother.  Needless to say she knows something about busyness.  

You can learn more about Perfect, Inc. by going to or follow them on Instragram @Perfectinc129

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