In this week’s episode Tovah and Rielly lay the groundwork for a discussion of self-worth throughout the upcoming season 6. They set out definitions and parameters around self-worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence. The underlying basis for the season is that our cultural focus on busyness keeps us trapped in thinking that our self-worth is tied to busyness and productivity.

Join Rielly and Tovah as they examine the root of self-worth, how to dig into your own understanding of self-worth, and your connection to the larger world. The ability to recognize your worth as an intangible in existence regardless of action, regardless of doing, and merely because of your place as a being in the universe is fundamental to self-worth.

Listen in as we walk through how self-worth is and importantly, is not, determined in our own lives. Think through how you experience and express your self-worth and what attachments you have to external sources of validation. Consider how your own busyness is tied to your understanding of worthiness and self-worth.


  1. Time to have a heart to heart with yourself and do some serious journaling. This may take days or weeks.  That’s okay. Ask yourself:
    • How would you describe your self-worth right now?
    • What words would you use to describe yourself?
    • What value did you place on yourself or aspects of yourself?
    • Were your descriptions generally positive, balanced, or negative?
    • Where did your messages around your worth come from?
  2. How did that feel?  Head over to our social or reach out to your accountability partner to share your what that felt like.

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