“The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.” — Lily Tomlin

We have made it to season 6 and we are excited to be here!  Busyness and worthiness are two subjects we are very interested in talking about and discussing with you.  At a foundational level, busyness is the experience of feeling like we have more to do than we have time or energy – that there is not much “space” in our lives. We are running from one task or meeting to another, often repeatedly throughout the day.  Sound familiar?

How did we get here as individuals?  Or a society?

Since the turn of the 20th century we, Americans, have begun to use busyness as a status symbol, despite knowing that this does not make us happier. We keep doing it.  We define our worthiness by our productivity. We create our own busyness. We create it and thus we can make a change!

The pandemic gave us a unique opportunity to see what happens when we can’t make ourselves busy, even if we wanted to.  Although we did our best to try (sourdough starter anyone?).

Rielly and Tovah kick off the new season with a discussion about all about busyness and worthiness.  Don’t worry, we don’t just focus on the bad, we also focus on what we can do to step off the hamster wheel. We are excited for this season filled with hard conversations.  We know you’re ready too!


  1.  Time to check in with yourself. Feel free to journal or just think to yourself. Do an honest review of your life and ask: What is contributing to this sense of busyness in my life? Then ask: Who made the decisions that led to these commitments? And finally, ask (and answer): What can I do to reduce the busyness I’m experiencing?
  2. After spending time journaling, talk to your accountability partner.  
  3. Head over to social media to share your thoughts with us.

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