Join us today in Going Boldly on our last episode of Season 5. We wrap things up with a look into how we lean into faith during times of trouble. Rielly and Tovah spend this last episode wrapping up the season asking questions about how people utilize their faith in different ways in order to weather troubling times. 

The hosts plunge into the depths of what it means to lean into faith when transformations are rocky and times are troubled. How do we lift ourselves up by turning to faith, community, certainty or even doubt? Tovah and Rielly talk through some of their own experiences of how faith has lifted them up and helped them through dark times.

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  1. Journal about how faith comes into play in your everyday life.  How do you incorporate it into your life?  Do you have a sense of faith?  If it helps you set a time for 10 minutes.  
  2. On another piece of paper write out where would you like faith to be?
  3. Reach out to your accountability partner to have a discussion and share your thoughts with us.