This week We Go Boldly with one of our hosts in the hot seat.  That’s right, it’s Tovah’s turn to share her personal story of faith and transformation.  We’re going to learn all about Tovah’s feelings on how the universe has shown up throughout her life.  

Rielly takes a turn at putting her co-host Tovah in the hot seat, asking all the burning questions from where she derives her faith, how she came to terms with her sense of faith, and how she incorporates faith into her daily life. 

Tovah is up at the bat and Rielly is throwing curve balls asking all the big questions to find out the little details that Tovah hasn’t shared over the last season.  Some big and not so big transformations fueled by a lot of faith and a lot of hope. Get to know your hosts in ways that are new, fun and definitely embarrassing. Let’s get bold!

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