Synchronicities are markers of soul guidance.

Have you ever thought “that was the strangest thing. That can’t be a coincidence?”  Those moments are what we focus on and talk about in this week’s episode.  

The Universe sends signs every day showing us that we are connected to it and to each other, we only have to be open to seeing them.  Synchronicity signs let you know that you’re on the right track.

This concept of synchronicity is not a new concept but comes from the psychotherapist Carl Jung.  In his work, he used the idea to refer to seeing multiple signs that held significance to both him and his therapy clients.

We spend time talking about what signs might show up?  Perhaps in the form of an animal, a missing object, a number pattern.  Maybe for you it is the experience of deja vu, an unexplained song, or a chill. 

What do they mean?  Is the Universe truly guiding us?  We could look at the universe as if we are all alone and it is a dog-eat-dog society or we could look at it that we are all connected.  How do you see our role in the universe?

Lastly we talk about how we can open ourselves up to see the signs.  Are you ready to tune into the signs and synchronicities in your life?

Join us as we take a serious look at a really fun topic.  


  1. Keeping your eyes open for signs.  
  2. Journal about a moment in your past when you have experienced a sign, an emotional experience, what did it mean to you?
  3. Incorporate a way throughout your week to start being more aware of signs from the Universe. 
  4. Talk to your accountability partner and share your experiences in the past or recently.  Let us know what has happened to you on social media.  We would love to hear from you!

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