Every week this season we are approaching empathy from a different and sometimes difficult perspective.  Acceptance is hard. Acceptance means embracing reality. It is a willingness to experience things as they are, instead of insisting that they be as you want them to be.

It is only with acceptance that we can truly embrace change and practice empathy. Acceptance allows you to move on instead of being perpetually stuck in a quagmire of “should haves” and “would haves”.

We reflect on our own hesitancy with acceptance and the steps we can take to achieve it.  As with everything else, acceptance takes continue practice and hard work.  

Join us for this week and we can do the hard work to build collective empathy.


  1. Journal time: Where in your life could you be more accepting? Either inwardly or outwardly?
  2. Journal time: Think back to a time when you were not accepting?  How would it have been easier and so how can you apply it to your life today?
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