This month we will unfold. Let ourselves spread out into the world, share our thoughts, our hopes and dreams, our light, our words. 

We will unfurl: to open out from or as if from a furled state : UNFOLD.

When we get nervous, uncomfortable, or unsure we curl in on ourselves. We compact our lives and make them smaller, tighter. Everything contracts. That feeling of fear makes us feel lesser. 

What in your life is making you feel small right now? 

Sometimes feeling overwhelmed with motherhood, partnership, and domesticity brings on those feelings for me. When kids are pulling from all sides and rarely satisfied with what they’re getting. When the laundry pile keeps growing, dishes pile up, the milk goes bad, and dinner is boring…again. It can feel pretty terrible. 

Rather than taking all of those feelings and turning in, let’s turn out. Let’s release it all and allow our inner world to unfurl. 

Sounds nice. 

Our intention this month is to stop allowing our fear and discomfort to make us smaller. We are asking the universe to guide us, send us signs, help us open up and be present to all the possibilities. Beyond all of that fun woo-y stuff, we are actively working to breathe through the nerves, talk about our discomfort, and let you all in on our insecurities. In this way, we can be more open and far less afraid. 

How will you allow yourself to unfurl this month?