This month we are all about rest here at Go Boldly Initiative. Making sure we focus on being present and focused on what is right in front of us. That is often hard to do in the busy parts of normal life but on vacation the goal is to live in the present. While we love traveling (boy do we love it) we also really like staying home, especially if it means we get to ignore our laundry and just have fun.  

Yes, yes we recognize that we can’t ignore laundry forever but we do love to have days that we put aside the things we are supposed to do and pretend we are at a vacation house with a really short commute. During the last year we got really good at staying home and pretending we were somewhere else. We also got really good at passing the time.

If you know us you know we aren’t fans of silver linings but we are certainly fans of practicing gratitude.  This year we certainly had a lot of time at home with our littles and we were able to figure out a few things that made life fun and a few things that didn’t work. We’re only sharing the good things.  

Join us for our staycation and share what you like to bring vacation home. We are always looking for fun ideas to share with our families.

Tovah’s Top 5 List for a Family Staycation 

  1. Electronic Ice Cream Maker
  2. Piece and Love Women March! 500 Piece Round Circle Jigsaw Puzzle
  3. Card Games! Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza
  4. Indoor and Outdoor Balance Blocks
  5. Paper drinking straws

Rielly’s Top 5 List for a Family Staycation 

  1. S’mores Maker
  2. Outdoor movie projector
  3. Fire pit
  4. Water Blasters
  5. Bluetooth speaker for music (and probably chips let’s be honest)

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