I mentioned transitions yesterday, and to be honest I’m still thinking about it because sometimes thoughts are sticky in that way. Some feelings take time to sort through. Some ideas need to be worked over and washed a few times. September is always a month of change and anticipation for me. I ready the cool weather gear, start thinking in the jewel tones of autumn, and mentally prepare for the coming winter. I get excited about pumpkin picking and steaming coffee in the morning. 

It is a New Moon today too, a time for reflection, setting intentions, looking inward and then allowing our energy to flow outward. A time well suited to our word of the month, Purpose. I am looking at this time of transition from seasons, school years, global pandemic, careers, personal lives – all the things – and reflecting back on our mission. Our Purpose. 

We are building a bold society of limitless women. 

Deeper than that mission though, somewhere at its core, is our purpose as individuals and as a company. This month we are meant to tune in to that purpose. To reassess the tug we felt when Go Boldly Initiative was a conversation and now as it has become a reality. The essence of our reason for doing what we are doing; giving back, being of service, bringing forth light and love, upholding and living the ideal of emotional liberty, helping people find and build a life that makes sense for them. 

Our purpose and place. Where do I fit? What fits with me? How can I share in a way that does the most good and serves what feels like my true purpose, with integrity? What do I need to let go of in order to continue on my journey?

I am in this feeling of needing to move forward in a big, almost grandiose way. Not from a place of ego and self-aggrandizement. But grandiose in the sense of largess. Of being larger than life. A recalibration and resetting. That it is time to move forward into a different way of being and looking at the world. Where more is done with less effort. More trust and patience are settled on myself and the Universe at large. Where I have faith that the message I am meant to convey will be heard by the people who need to hear it. 

This is what transitions do for me, sometimes it’s seasonal or accompanies the start of something new. Other times it comes seemingly from nowhere and builds. Often it is accompanied by a burst of creative impulses and then a flurry of activity. 

In these moments we can dig deep and listen. We can journal and meditate. Talk to our friends, mentors, partners, family. And in the conversation and connection we find the threads of our purpose. We locate the strings that connect us to what we already know deep in our souls. Connecting to that inner thread, the tie that binds us here in this time and place, is a coming home of sorts. 

Take some time this month in all the messy transitions and changes that are taking place to reflect and renew. Look at who you are and who you want to be, and whether your inside is reflected on your outside. Bringing those ideas together in a way that makes sense for you and feels good is what finding your purpose is all about. 

We can help if you are struggling or don’t know where to start. Check out our coaching services page and reach out any time.