Rise up. Stand up. Rebel. Make a revolution.
This month we have taken the time to be still and rest. We have chosen to nourish our mind and body. Now that we have done that we are ready. Ready to take the next step.
Both individually and as a company we are saying no to the status quo. We are evaluating and reevaluating what has become our normal and we are deciding what we choose to accept and what we have the courage to say no to.
We don’t have to wait for a new month, a new year, a new job, or a new you to rise up.
What we have realized is that valuing ourselves and our time as women, demanding that we take the time to choose ourselves, is in itself an act of rebellion. And yet here we go. Demanding the space to be our whole selves.
This can come at a cost but not taking what we need also comes at a cost. We are worthy of all the things we dream.
Are you ready to join us and rise up?