Our April 17 Word of the Week: Rise

In April we awaken to ourselves, our surroundings, a new season, awareness, introspection. We awaken to our power and self-possession. 

This awakening brings upon us the desire to rise. To lift up into the life we wish to live. To feel our own power.

Are you ever challenged by the ups and downs of your day? Of course you are, you’re not a robot. Or wait – are you?

Daily challenges are part of both the wonderful and the terrible fullness of our lives. We find ourselves yelling at other drivers on the road, getting irrationally angry at the checkout line, eating one too many tacos and feeling sick. Sprinting to the finish line at the end of each day and then wondering where all the time went. 

For some of us whole weeks, months, maybe years will go by like this. A blur of activity, emotion without understanding, a lack of intention behind our actions. That repeated refrain on Sunday night, that tomorrow we will start again. We will begin that new routine, eat better, exercise, journal, apply for the job, end the bad relationship. Take the step we have been putting off. I have been there, I will likely be there again. 

Instead of putting it off, this week we lift ourselves up. We ascend. We increase in fervor or intensity. 

Time to rise.