Before the beginning of each new month we reflect on where we are and what we want to call in over the next month. It is a process of self awareness and contemplation that allows us to attune our minds, hearts, and spirits so that our actions stay in alignment. One of the most fundamental pillars of our business mission is to stay true to our values and purpose. To not get so caught up in the selling and business-y aspects of business that we forget about the spreading of light and sharing of purpose with which we started out.

Lotus in water

We like traditions. A lot. So when we have a chance to start new ones and bring them into our business life we get pretty excited. Enter our words of the month, and weekly themes! I know we mentioned these before, and certainly talked about them on the podcast. Time for a bit more in depth discussion AND to set the rule that we will be sharing our words every week and month!

I mean to be clear we also like flexibility and adaptation and spontaneity. A lot. I (Rielly) am a Sagittarius so routines can be a teeny tiny bit rough for me after awhile. I get *kind of* restless. Read: I become very restless and possibly annoying. It’s possible I run for the hills if things become too much the same for too long! 

That being said, I do need routines in order to stay focused. Our personal and business words of the month help us keep that focus, align with the Universe, and be clear about where we intend to direct our attention. 

This month our word is: Receive.

Receive is defined as: 

  1. to come into possession of: ACQUIRE receive a gift
  2. a: to act as a receptacle or container for
    b: to assimilate through the mind or senses
  3. a: to permit to enter : ADMIT
    c: to react to in a specified manner
  4. to accept as authoritative, true, or accurate : BELIEVE
  5. a: to support the weight or pressure of: BEAR
    b: to take (a mark or impression) from the weight of something
    d: to suffer the hurt or injury of

When we selected this word it came as a feeling of being open to the gifts and insights that would naturally come. A willingness to accept the input and ideas that will flow, and a decision to release the stress and tension of attempting to control the outcomes of our choices. It came in the woods on the edge of a clearing on the eve of a heat wave on the precipice of the second half of the year. 

We will be receiving. 

Crystals on a beach at sunset

It feels like an opening of the arms and welcoming home. An acknowledgment of readiness to shift into a new way of thinking or being. We are ready to feed this version of ourselves and open to the Universe in a way that is meaningful to us and to the people and places we are meant to serve. 

Do you ever set a word to help guide you? Drop us a comment and let us know what it is. How do you keep yourself in alignment with your purpose?

If you don’t set a word do you want to? Let us know how we can help. Coaching made (and still makes!) a huge difference for both of us!