As we mentioned at the beginning of the month we are focused on digging into, following, speaking, and honoring our Purpose this month. When we took the time to slow down and rest last month we both had the realization that we wanted to circle back to the beginning. To make sure that we are honoring our purpose as business owners and as individuals. 

As podcasters and coaches we approach our business with the intention of bringing light, love, kindness and empathy into our practice. Our purpose is always to advance these intentions and to reach people where they are with open hearts, open minds, information, and tools that help them attain their goals. We want people to know and absorb the idea that they are worthy of the life they want. 

After all of that, how do we stay the course we set? When do we know it is time to shift course, or alter our direction?

You might not be so surprised to hear this from us, we tune in to our inner voice. We use our intuition. We listen. 

Sometimes as business owners it can be hard not to compare ourselves to other people. Honestly, as people it can be hard not to compare ourselves to others! We have a whole podcast episode about that here if you want to check it out. When you spend this much time on social media asking people to listen to you, follow you, trust you, it becomes a challenge to stop comparing yourself to others. To similarly situated people. Wondering whether you measure up, if you should be doing something different. 

The reality is though that we can all tell when people are not being themselves, whether it is in person or online. We can feel when someone is speaking from a place of their personal truth and experience.

So we return to that inner voice, that sense of our own why, and that is where our focus remains. Our purpose. Our beginning. And in so doing it helps us stay the course, know when to adjust and adapt in order to keep to our goals and integrity. 

We also check in with each other. We talk. It sounds so simple right?!

When we aren’t sure about something we do gut checks and it is so incredibly helpful. It is one of the reasons we talk about having accountability partners so often. Knowing that there is another person to check in with, who has your back, and can give you honest feedback is so relieving. 

What do you do to stay the course? How do you know when it’s time to change tactics? If you are looking for some extra support check out our coaching options here and reach out any time.