In this second week of August we are leaning into Being and our ability to be Present in our own lives and energy. The idea of settling into being truly and intentionally Present as often as possible is something that speaks directly to our souls at Go Boldly Initiative. 

Taking the time and space to turn into the silence that we so often attempt to avoid or distract from, and letting that silence comfort us. Allowing ourselves to connect to our experiences directly and without interruption. Breathing in the morning air without making mental lists, packing lunches, or pulling weeds. Simply being present. This experience of Presence allows us to sink into our day with more depth and comfort. 

There are many different ways we can ensure we are being present throughout the day. Starting our day with a morning routine that allows for silence, inner focus, and gratitude is one of our favorites. Another way is to pause throughout the day for 5 minutes to close your eyes and breathe deeply. One of our other favorite ways to pause and reflect is to write, speak, and post mantras around our homes and offices. All of these different methods help us to remember our focus and presence all through the day. 

Being present is a gift we give to the people we are with, it is essential to building and strengthening relationships. It is a gift we give to ourselves – to allow ourselves to fully express and absorb the moments of our lives. Presence is an opportunity to recoup energy, to give love, to take in joy, to hold space for sadness. It is a container for all the emotional sensation and sensing that we go through, and without that presence we find ourselves distracted from and avoiding our emotional lives. It may make certain things easier to bear, but it also deprives us of so much profound wisdom and pleasure. 

This week we are practicing and attuning our presence.