The changing seasons are one of my favorite things.  At the end of each season I end up looking forward to the next one.  I change wreaths and candles and decorate.  I also pull out seasonal books.  Books hold such a dear space in our family’s heart.  

Just like so many things about fall, the books are particularly special. Whether they are back to school books or welcome to fall books there is something so reassuring to reading the same books over and over year after year.  Two of these books are board books and even though the boys and I have grown to chapter books we come back to these again and again.  With a dear family friend named Annie, Apple Farmer Annie is an extra favorite.  Leaves captures the wonder of falling leaves and the excitement of trying to catch them and jump in them and simultaneously captures the trepidation with entering a new season.  Perhaps I’m reading too much into a board book, but I don’t think I am.  

Every year, the night before the first day of school we read my copy (so it’s rather old) of the Berenstain Bears Go to School.  While the vision of kindergarten is not quite accurate these days the feelings of nervousness and anticipation are spot on for every generation.  

Room on the Broom is hands down one of my most favorite books to read in any season.  It’s not too long and not too short.  There is just enough rhyming.  The pictures are lovely and the film that goes along with it is so much fun.  All of us, but especially my five year old loves it.  

Last but not least, we were gifted the book, Thankful a few years ago.  As we enter the season of gratitude I pull this book out often to help us to remember to be grateful for the little things and big things in our lives.

As our lives have changed, our family and our home, these books stay with us.  The autumn books show us that change is okay and can in fact be good.  We have had so many struggles this past year, as so many have, these books provide us with peace and gratitude.

I could go on and on about our favorite books but I won’t.  What are your favorite fall books?  Do you have a seasonal collection?

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