Interview time on We Go Boldly!

This week we dive into faith and transformation with our friend Christy Howitt, fiction author and writing coach. Christy is a two-time fiction author of Heartsand and Sunwild as well as a book-writing coach and copywriter. Through her writing, yoga and visual art workshops, she helps others tap into their own creativity, together bringing their dreams to life. If you’ve ever wanted to write a book, Christy has led clients from creating the idea, all the way to a published book deal.

Christy shares some of her experience of faith and how she includes faith in her daily practice. We dig into her feelings on faith and why it is so important to her life and her work. She talks to us about her own transformations and how they sometimes sneak up on us in cumulative ways. Transformation is not always a sudden and explosive experience. 

She gives some great advice for people looking to get out of their comfort zones and work through periods of transition while building a faith practice. As we go through the interview we get to know Christy in a new and more intimate light. Join us for this fun and exciting conversation!

If you want to know more or check out her work have a look at her website at or follow her on Instagram: @christyhowitt.

Stay tuned for more about faith and transformation next week and more interviews coming up in Season 5! 


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