There is something magical about the threads we put over our bodies. The cloth we lay on our skin, the way it touches us and moves across our bodies. The lines it creates. The barriers, wards, and shields we construct with stitching and zippers. The way that those woven threads create emotion, summon strength, crumble confidence. How each item of clothing calls forth memories, expectations, and ideas. The impact that these fibers can have on our daily lives seems otherworldly. 

All of my life I have looked forward to seasonal transitions and changes. I love the way that the world renews itself, the turning over of everything. It probably feeds my need for newness. Satiates my wanderlust a bit. 

Remembering the anticipation of back to school clothes shopping, dare I mention “sweata weatha,” and the excitement of new swim suits for the summer. All of these memories tied up in the fabric of the clothes I was wearing. A trip to the mall with my grandmother, a tumble through a used clothing store with my Aunt. All the times and ways in which clothing impacted my life in some manner. 

I love clothing. I love chunky sweaters like this one, practical boots (also totally impractical boots), and jewel toned v necks. The way that putting together certain things in a certain way makes me feel. Connection to memory, possibility, and new ideas. Do you have that certain outfit, perfume, shoe that snaps you back? Something that reminds you so fully of a moment in your life, or helps you transition into a new season, whether in life or in climate. 

I remember a yellow snow jacket that I insisted on having as a kid. When I saw it in the store it was sunshine and summer dandelions. It was warmth and love. There was something about the bright yellow in a sea of blue and gray. I can still smell the store, feel the weight of the sleeves and the way that the yellow stood out in the deep of a New England winter. Sometimes we can’t know when inspiration will strike, or why, or how these connections are made. But I felt something about that jacket that was more than threads, down, and protection from winter. I felt a connection to something bigger. 

Yes there are days where I throw on whatever is around that doesn’t smell! Let’s be real…lots of days. I mean I am a busy woman, working, parenting, partnering, living. But on those days where I have time, energy and interest, I love clothing. I love t-shirts that have ridiculous sayings on them and old band shirts. I love perfect jeans and slip on sneakers – Vans for life over here! 

I don’t only love them for the sake of the thing though, and rarely because of the name associated, I love these things because of the way I feel inside them. So even now, even in the midst of a conversation about my favorite easily accessible clothing items, it all returns to my inner voice. That inner sense of being, of feeling, and how I outwardly manifest who I am. Bringing the inner person out into the light, one basic chunky sweater at a time. 

What is in your closet that makes you feel? What moments and memories do you have that are intimately tied to your senses, what you were wearing, what you could see, smell, taste?

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