I remember way back in the day I spent all my time running. Not actual running for health; but mental running, errand running, work running. You all know the running I mean. I was constantly on the move. Especially when I first had kids. 

Life was chaotic and I spent a lot of time working as hard as possible to keep the appearance of control. I had a career path, a baby, a marriage, friends, a life in full swing, goals and dreams, and underneath it all I was terrified. 

I had no idea what I was doing as a mom, I was unsure of myself all the time. That kind of doubting feeling that overwhelms you at all times of day. My career path felt unclear and unstable. I doubted that too. The friendships I had with people near me were shaky at best. Nothing felt comfortable. 

Over time I had to build up a stronger emotional foundation in order to manage all of that fear and insecurity. I needed to figure out how to let go, to ask for help, and to allow myself the freedom to be authentic. This brings me to our word of the week: 

BUILD; to develop according to a systematic plan, by a definite process, or on a particular base.

Learning to listen to my inner voice, trust my intuition, and value myself has been and continues to be a lifelong journey. It might sound cheesy or overused but it is the truth, being who you really are is the most free feeling. Allowing yourself the room to let go of the control, let your weird out, be messy if you need to, whatever it is that is uniquely you…that is such an unburdening of your spirit. 

When we build this week, let’s build our personal foundations so that we can be free to be who we are deep inside.