We are told to “listen to our gut” or “listen to our inner voice” or “listen to the universe.” What does that mean?   

For us it means practicing stillness throughout our day.  It means taking time away from the rush to listen to what we truly think or feel.  To listen to what the universe wants us to hear. 

We meditate and journal and sometimes simply stand with our feet in the grass.


This is why four weeks ago we took to the woods for ourselves, our podcast, our company, and you.  We knew that we needed a retreat.  A chance to listen.  We did it to make sure we stayed focused on why we started and we did it to make sure we knew where we wanted to go.

It is so important to take the time to listen.  Whether it is a weekend away or a few minutes each day, we need to make sure we take the time to listen.

How do you take the time to listen in your life?