Shine: To glow or be bright.

We are the first to admit that things feel pretty dire these days.  That’s why choosing the word “shine” this month feels like an act of resistance.  When the world feels like it is bringing us down we refuse to go quietly into the night. No ma’am, we will shine.  

Let’s talk a little bit about why we pick a word of the month.  Sometimes it is for inspiration.  Sometimes it is a gentle reminder we have throughout the month to connect us with our goals.  Sometimes it serves as a connection to our mission.  This month it is all three.  

Shine because you are inspiring and you can inspire yourself and others.  You are the only person who can be you.  Do not hide yourself in the darkness.

Remember each day that even when the world is in a dark place, we can choose to shine our light.  We can choose to be the truest and free-est version of ourselves.  By doing that we are allowing ourselves to shine.

This month and every month it is our goal to help others live their limitless life.  A life notencumbered by shoulds and supposedly tos.  An authentic life.  A life that they can SHINE.  This is why we do what we do.  The podcasts and workshops and courses and coaching.  It is all to help more people glow bright.  

What is your word of the month?  How will you shine?