Find your inner voice.  We say this episode after episode.  If you don’t know what you really want,how can you reach for it? How can you set boundaries?  How can you set goals? 

Over time we realized that simply talking about how to find your inner voice is not enough. We want to give more energy to helping our community absorb this idea and put it into daily practice.  Next month we will kick off a quest for the sound of your inner voice and the thread that ties you to your authentic voice. Our course is a 7 day journey of self exploration that will help jumpstart your relationship with your inner voice.

We talk about learning to hear the sound of your inner soul speaking to you. To clear away the distractions. To silence the voice of the outside world. To settle your mind and journey inward. 

We will encourage you to choose yourself. To make time and space to focus on your own needs. Sometimes we do this by meditating (you know we love it), sometimes we journal, and sometimes we stand in grass and breathe in fresh air.  We invite you to do all of these things with us. 

You are enough. You are deserving of setting aside the time to find stillness in your life. You deserve joy, contentment, and a full emotional life. You are worthy.