We are deep into embracing our power and this season we are learning so much from our guests.  We are lucky to have the amazing Sarah Williams join us. If you want a little bit of faith, gratitude, and a lot about embracing our power then this is your episode!

Sara Williams currently practices at Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, where she handles primarily trucking, wrongful death and catastrophic injury litigation. In 2021 Sara decided to step away from her role as managing attorney to re-focus on her litigation practice and developing a social media campaign focused on empowering women lawyers. Sara is also an adjunct professor of Trial Advocacy at Cumberland School of Law where she teaches Advanced Skills in Trial Advocacy-Civil and Depositions and Technology. And if that wasn’t enough Sara is also a mom!

Clearly Sara has embraced her power.  She is a force of nature and we are lucky to speak with her.  Join us today and meet Sara Williams.

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