Last week on the We Go Boldly Podcast we did a deep dive into how to build a community with trust and vulnerability. We looked out how you can lead a faith community or even yourself by establishing trust. This week we continue the conversation on faith and transformation with a wonderful guest and Tovah’s longtime friend, Sheryl Holland.

Our conversation starts out with an unexpected conversation all about finding your knowing and listening to your inner voice even at a very young age.  What a treat! You will definitely want to listen in as we then continue to talk about the origin of faith and transformation on today’s episode. 

Sheryl was born, raised, and continues to live in Lancaster, PA.   She attended and graduated from Mount Aloysius college with a degree in interpreting for the Deaf.   Sheryl is a certified sign language interpreter, doing freelance work . 

Sherly has been married to her husband, Kevin, for 18 years, and has a son Matthew and a daughter Julia.  In my free time, I love to run, spend time with friends, and like our own Rielly, Sheryl likes to drink really good coffee. 

We end our conversation with Sheryl’s amazing advice as to what true transformation looks like.  You don’t want to miss this!

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