On this week’s episode we are spending some time with a new friend and all around fantastic human. We had the privilege to talk to her some time ago and know that her story and insight is something you won’t want to miss. 

Sameena Safdar Kluck is an innovation evangelist and social media strategist. A former practicing lawyer, she has spent years working in large and small legal technology companies, first in sales and then in legal marketing and branding. 

Last year Sameena founded Amplify Your Voice LLC to help companies and individuals find their voice and niche in the world. She helps them define and hone their brand and then use social media and business development to share that authentically and boost their visibility. 

Amplify Your Voice works with all types of companies, especially lawyers, law firms, and legal technology companies. Sameena especially likes to work with women and BIPOC people to find ways to authentically promote their brand to build better connections, expand their networks, and reach their career goals. 

She also writes and speaks nationally on personal branding, employee advocacy programs, innovation and emerging technologies, access to justice, and diversity, inclusion, and equity, both in the legal industry and in all types of businesses.

Additionally, Sameena raises teens in Washington, DC, taking advantage of all the museums, festivals, national parks, theatres, and restaurants the city has to offer, and spends far too much time on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

We learn all about her faith journey and the many transformations her life has taken, some planned and some but fate.  We can’t wait for you to meet her!

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