Part of understanding and connecting to your purpose is learning to listen to your inner voice. Learning to quiet the mind and body enough to hear the inner workings of your spirit and soul. 

When I imagine what this looks and feels like for most people I see a moment where everything clicks together. A quieting and calming of the world around us and inside us so that we can listen to our own hearts. 

That infinite second in the air where the world stops, in between heart beats, where for that moment you can hear the world breathing all together as one. 

This silence and stillness allows us to go deeper into our own minds and locate our deeper sense of self. In that understanding we can find purpose, meaning, self worth, compassion, a deeper knowing. This is where we go to understand our next steps. This is where we go to understand ourselves. 

When I was little I lived on a farm deep in the woods. I know it sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale, and in so many ways it is a bit of a fairy tale. Most of my time was spent wandering through this forest looking for treasure. By treasure I mean cool rocks, ferns, pine cones, and ice cold streams to wade in. All that adventuring and wandering taught me to listen, to look, to use my senses fully. To pay attention. To enjoy silence and solitude for the insight it allowed. 

This is the way I found and continue to find my inner voice. Learning to listen to that inner knowing and intuition is a lifelong process. It’s always the right time to start! 

Do you want to learn how to listen more closely to the sound of your inner voice? On the 9th we launched a free course that does just that – journeys inward for 7 days and sets you on a path to hearing the sounds of your own inner voice talking. Sign up here.

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