Manifesting abundance is more than simply thinking about wealth and suddenly it appears. It is a way of life. An attitude towards yourself, your life, and the Universe. When we want to manifest an abundant life its important to consider the beginning: what do you mean by abundant?

Abundance is something that comes from your relative position and expectation in life. You may already have a great deal of wealth but no love, or vice versa. You may feel lonely all the time even in the midst of a seemingly wonderful marriage. A mindset of abundance requires honesty, self-awareness, and authenticity. 

How do we get to the point where we can consistently maintain this kind of mindset? 

Practice! We are both still working on it over here at the Go Boldly Initiative and we will likely be working on it for the rest of our lives. Now I know that’s not what anyone really wants to hear. 

We all want to check the box off and move on. Unfortunately, that’s not how these things work. 

So let’s think about how we can get into the mindset of abundance and what kinds of things we can do every day to ensure we are maintaining the space we want:

  1. Gratitude. Start your day with gratitude for what you already have. Take care of what you have by keeping it clean and well functioning. Be kind to yourself, your things, your space. Give thanks for the blessings in your life both physical and emotional. 
  2. Meditation. Remember to clear your mind, call in your connection to the Universe and the world around you. Connect to your inner world and clear out any negative energy you are carrying around. Unblock your energy channels. Become more open to receiving. 
  3. Journal. Write out your thoughts. Clean out the cobwebs of your mind. Put the words down on paper and get them out of your body. Put your hopes, dreams, fears, joys down on paper or on your device so that you can free yourself of their weight or release them to the Universe. 
  4. Mantras. Start saying mantras every day. Speak them out loud and write them down wherever you will see them routinely. Consider something like: “I am the co-creator of my life.” “I live in and call in abundance.” 

Remember that creating a mindset of abundance takes time, effort, practice, and patience. Give yourself the space and time to create a practice that works for you and allows you to feel good about your mindset. Remember to be kind to yourself. If this is all new to you it may feel awkward or funny at first. You may stumble or forget or struggle. It’s all okay. Keep going and adapting until it starts to feel natural. 

Ask for help when you need it and think about joining a group for some additional accountability. We like to keep ourselves focused by creating Pinterest boards like this one

And of course by doing all the things we listed above. We also created our free Inner Voice course to help with focus and grounding. Check out all of our offerings on the site and reach out for help any time.