At the beginning of the school year I tend to go into a panic.  By the end of the summer I am ready for the school year to begin, less because I want summer to end, and more because I am ready to rip the band aid off and get back into the swing of things.  The panic is because while I like the orderly nature of the school year I remember the stress and exhaustion of practices and games and running from one place to the next.  I am torn.  Do I want summer to slow down or is it time to simply jump into the stress?

Living in New Jersey we are some of the last kids in the country to go back to school and so we can squeeze those last drops of summer out all while watching everyone go back and feeling that anxiety.  This year more than any other, except maybe last year, the anxiety is intense.  Fear about what lays ahead for our schools, our students, and our families.  

This is all to say that when something is out of my control I jump into what is in my control.  In this case that is kids bedroom organization.  It is often this time of year, when I still don’t know when the practices are and where the games are, that I go through a toy purge, a clothing purge, and a full room reorganization.  Suddenly I am spending all my days on Pinterest looking for new ways to organize cars, stuffed animals, and markers (why do we have so many crayons and markers).  Perhaps I need a new cabinet, some more ziplocs, a binder to organize all the lego books.  

This week’s Pinterest board is focused on organizing kids’ bedrooms. Easy tricks and entire bedroom renovations. Check it out and let us know what you think.

What about you?  How do you handle things you cannot control? Are you busy cleaning and organizing or perhaps you rely on something more calming like a favorite mediation?