The weather is turning (perhaps that is wishful thinking).  Some crisp cool days mean tea and baking for me.   Baking feels like therapy and I miss it when I stay away from it over the summer.  Fall days and baking feels like coming home.  

While I don’t only bake pumpkin flavors, pumpkin lends itself particularly well to savory and sweet treats.  Before I jump into pumpkin though I must indulge in apple treats.  For the rest of the fall it’s back and forth between the joys of pumpkin baked goods and apples.  There is not much I love as much as my home filled with the smell of baking.  My oven is the perfect way to heat the house when it’s not quite cold enough for the heat. 

Baking provides some wonderful relief for me.  We talk continually about finding stillness and calm in our lives and there is something so calming for me when it comes to baking.  Maybe it’s the combination of math and sugar.  I like knowing that I can follow rules and at the end I will (most likely) get a good and yummy result.  

This week’s Pinterest board is focused on some of our favorite recipes and some recipes we want to try. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Do you have any favorite recipes you can share? Do you have any recipes you would love to try?  We would love to try them too.