When you dream of a creative space what does it look like?  I go back and forth between a farmhouse inspired room that has an easel in the corner and natural wood furniture with plants everywhere and a completely white space with the only pop of colors being a bookshelf that is perfectly color coordinated like a rainbow.  I have to think that the perfect creative space for me would be somewhere in the middle.  I know it will have wide open windows so a breeze can come in.  It will definitely be organized because otherwise we can just call it my stressful space but there will be drawers and shelves and places to put things.  My crafting and my stationary (yes, I love stationary) and my planners all spread out on my desk.  I sort of picture my creative space like a big room that has a desk and table and a nook for reading.  

Is my creative space a studio apartment? Is it actually three rooms? Something to think about. 

Does my creative space have space for all of my books and music?  These are questions that I don’t have answers to.  I think perhaps the reasons I struggle with dreaming of my perfect creative space is because my creativity never is connected with a space in the past.  It is always connected with the feeling.  Can I find a creative space that captures those feelings of creativity?  

This week’s Pinterest board is focused on creative spaces and when I made it I was feeling all sorts of creative vibes, but we will keep adding to it as we go along. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Do you have a space of creativity?  Drop us a comment and let us know! Remember that the Universe is always listening and wants to support your dreams.