In this week’s episode of the We Go Boldly Podcast we are talking about authenticity and living an authentic life. When we live an authentic life our actions and words, and our beliefs and values act in alignment. In order to achieve this kind of alignment we have to do the hard work of understanding ourselves first.

When we are able to tune in to our inner voice, understand our purpose, hear our deeper selves then we can connect our inner world with our outer expression of self. That is how we live an authentic life.

So often as children we are trained to adapt our personality to fit in with the people around us and to be more likeable. We change to fit social norms and expectations. We change to meet the needs of our loved ones. Somewhere along the way we lose sight of who we are or who we are meant to be. Bringing that person to the surface allows us to live a happier, more limitless life.

Authenticity allows us to feel comfortable in our own bodies, confident in our beliefs and decisions, and ready to walk through life in our purpose. We are all able to accomplish this by raising our awareness and listening to what we truly need.

Today we will talk all about methods and means to overcome the urge to adapt our personalities to fit in and live an authentic life. We give tips and tricks, as well as steps to take to help unwind some of the lifetime of conditioning. As always this is a process and it is an ongoing experience. Tune in to hear our discussion on authenticity and how we can connect our inner and outer worlds.



  1. Take a moment to do a mental inventory – scan through your body and notice how you feel emotionally & physically.
  2. Grab your journal and think back to the last time you did something that felt like it didn’t align with what you believe or what you want, for whatever reason. It could be in your personal life, or at work. Take some time to describe before, during, and after it happened. Describe it physically and emotionally if you can.
  3. Set aside your journal for some time and then go back and read through what you wrote. Take some time to consider what your authentic self wanted versus what your adaptive self did. Consider an alternative solution. Journal out what that would look and feel like.
  4. Reach out to your accountability partner and talk it through.

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