Maybe it’s because I love Marvel movies or maybe it’s because it’s a perfect analogy, either way when I hear this word I think about the Incredible Hulk.  I think about the struggle Bruce Banner had for years as he struggled to reconcile the two parts of himself. He was at war with himself alternating between the scientist and the monster. It’s only when he accepts who he is that he finds peace.  It’s only then that he can embody and embrace who he really is.

We spend our lives in a forest of shoulds and suppose tos and struggle to find who we are.  Only when we accept who we truly are can we embody our true selves.  Just like with Hulk this is the only way to find our peace. 

This month we are going step into who we are so we can finally embrace and embody our true selves.  We are going to work hard to let go of the shoulds and supposed tos and find our way out of the forest and into the light. 

Sure it’s a lot of mixed metaphors but the point is the same.  Listen to your heart.  Love and accept yourself for who you are.  Step into the magic that is you.  Embody who you are meant to be.