How do you live the life you are meant to live, and follow the path you wish to travel?

At Go Boldly Initiative we believe that you start by gaining a deeper understanding of yourself. Taking the plunge and writing your personal mission statement is a great opportunity to start that process. Look deep into your inner world to learn more about who you are, and importantly who you want to be going forward. Having a personal mission statement is a little like having a map, or at least some road signs to help you along the way. Your mission statement is meant to help you better understand yourself, keep you focused on who you are at your core, and who you want to be. When life throws you curves, as it always will, your mission statement can help you stay steady and navigate all the ups and downs.

The concept of a “passion project” gets thrown around often and rather loosely.  This course was a true passion project for us.  We knew that we would benefit from having a mission statement that we could rely on to ground us when we are making both  big and small decisions.  So many times as we were writing this course did we say to each other that we wished we had finished this course so we could take it ourselves.  And take it ourselves we did. Throughout the course we share with you favorite meditations, samples of our brainstorms and vision boards, and our personal mission statements.  We only hope it serves you as much as it has served us. 

When you think about some of the greatest organizations operating around the world, they have something in common; a clear, well defined mission statement. Organizations create mission statements in order to guide their decision making, goal setting, and general culture. As individuals the same rules apply and that is why at Go Boldly Initiative we created Defining You. Our personal mission statement course is designed to walk you through the process from start to finish in three self-contained modules. At the end you will have a personalized mission statement based on your core values, meant to help guide your decision making, goal setting, and purpose.

Today we launched Defining You: Creating Your Personal Mission Statement, our new capsule course.  When you take our course you will:

  • Learn how to tune into and name your core beliefs and values.
  • Specialized methods for intentional and purpose driven journaling.
  • Gain insight into your purpose and direction.
  • Transform your core values into your personal roadmap for life.
  • Close out the course with a personalized purpose driven mission statement.

We are excited for you to join us on this adventure!