As we kick off the new month we have decided to take a pause.  Oh don’t worry, we’re not leaving you, but we are taking time to take a breath. We are going to focus this month on simply being.  

We have a lot of excuses to not slow down and not to rest. We are too busy. We have goals. We have to keep moving.  Keep reaching. Keep striving forward. 

The fact of the matter is that rest is just as important as moving in order to reach our goals. We are going to focus on recognizing the joy in the present. The calm in the stillness.  

We work on our mindset all year long. We focus on centering ourselves each and every day through grounding, journaling, and meditation. 

This month we take a deep breath and give our mind the chance to focus on simply being

Have you taken a rest this summer?  It’s not too late to shift your mindset before the fall comes. What will you do to rest, reflect and ease your weary mind and body? It has been a long and difficult ride we are on between the pandemic, working and teaching from home, and keeping everything going. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself during this season.